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Gears of War Judgment, ZOE HD and Darksiders Playable at Xbox 360 Summer Festival


Microsoft has updated its playable title list for this year's Xbox 360 Summer Festival event. Joining the previously announced lineup are Gears of War Judgment (Microsoft, 2013), Darksiders II (Spike Chunsoft, 10/18) and Zone of the Enders HD Edition (Konami, 10/25).

The event will also see a variety of stage shows. Here's the lineup:

  • 8/24: Halo 4 Stage
  • 8/24: Resident Evil 6 stage with producer
  • 8/25: Halo 4 Stage
  • 8/25: Halo 4 Panel Discussion
  • 8/25: Forza Horizon Stage
  • 8/25: Dance Central 3

Access the event page here. For the previous list of playable titles, see this story.

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