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SD Gundam G Generation Overworld Screenshots

Turn everyone into an enemy using an Over Impact. Because you can.


This new batch of SD Gundam G Generation Overworld screens shows off two areas of the game: Over Impact and battle animations.

Over Impact is a new element for the franchise. As with past entries, by clearing certain "Break Trigger" conditions that are specified at the start of battle, you can trigger Generation Break attacks. You can do just two Generation Breaks per stage. But new for G Generation Overworld, after the second Generation Break, you'll be presented with a condition for performing an Over Impact. Over Impact makes all units in the stage turn into enemy units and attack. So what's the point of using it? Namco Bandai says it will tell is in a future update.

The screens also show some of the new animation sequences you'll encounter during battle cut-ins. View all the screens below.

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