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Hideo Kojima: Policenauts Was Originally Known as Beyond

Metal Gear man shares a few trivia bits about his classic adventure games.


Hideo Kojima opened up the old vault today, sharing a few trivia bits about Snatcher and Policenauts, two of the games he worked on during that adventurous period before Metal Gear became Solid.

Kojima has previously said that Snatcher was originally known as Junker. At Twitter today, Kojima revealed that the reason that name didn't stay is because there was a mahjong game with a similar sounding name, forcing him to think of a new name. He'd wanted to avoid using the name Snatcher, as he'd already done the whole "name the game after an enemy" thing with his previous title, Metal Gear. Out of desperation, he even considered the name "New Order."

Policenauts also had its own share of naming issues. The game was originally known as "Beyond," reflecting the theme of the story. Konami could not trademark this name, so they went with Policenauts instead.

Both games had some issues surrounding their genre as well. For Snatcher, the person in charge of trademark work at Konami asked Kojima to explain the meaning of "Cyberpunk" in the game's "Cyberpunk Adventure" genre. He tried to explain the meaning over and over again via the phone, but was frustrated with his inability to get through.

For Policenauts, the genre was originally "Cinematic Virtual Reality." When the Policenauts project first started in 1990, Konami did a trademark search on this term and found nothing. However, by 1994 the term Virtual Reality had already been trademarked, so it was removed from the genre name.

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