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New Yakuza 5 Character: Tatsuya the Chef

Celebrity chef plays a celebrity chef in latest Yakuza game.


Sega announced a new character for Yakuza 5 today. Meet Chef Tatsuya:

Chef Tatsuya may look to some like Tatsuya Kawagoe, CEO of a company he founded and named after himself. Kawagoe is a celebrity chef who runs a restaurant that he also named after himself. He's lent his likeness to the Chef Tatsuya character for Yakuza 5.

In Yakuza 5, Tatsuya is a chef so famous that he has regular spots on television programs. He's traveling Japan in search of original menu ideas for a program where he helps out new restaurants and restaurants that are in danger of closing.

Here's a video of Kawagoe getting his face scanned for the game. There's also a bit of Yakuza 5 footage in there.

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