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Due to the forthcoming summer holiday period (which is now running), last week had few new releases. But one new release did manage an impressive sell-through.

Media Create reports that Namco Bandai's Kuroko's Basketball Miracle Game sold an impressive 82.22% of stock. This resulted in sales of around 37,000 units.

Retailers told Media Create that the buying group for the manga conversion matched the buying group of Konami's Prince of Tennis conversions. Media Create's recognition surveys reveal that buyers learned of the game through television, with word-of-mouth coming in second.

There was a large female buying audience for the game, with strong recognition amongst ladies in their 20s and 30s. This differs from Prince of Tennis, whose last DS entry, released in February, had greater reach with the low teens. The difference may have something to do with the different age groups for the two platforms.

The best selling game for the week was New Super Mario Bros. 2, with Media Create reporting a 143,321 figure, or 70% the previous week. Taiko Drum Master saw a resurgence on all platforms, possibly due to television appearances of the game's latest arcade version, which was released earlier this month.

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