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Bravely Default: New Jobs, Wireless Details, and the Blood Rose Special Forces

Latest on Square Enix's 3DS RPG from Jump.


The latest issue of Jump has a new look at Bravely Default Flying Fairy, with new job, character and gameplay details. Tales Source has a summary.

The magazine reveals that the game will have valkyrie, summon master and hunter jobs.

On the gameplay front, there's some mention of a wireless system called "Abilink." This is presumably short for "Ability Link." We don't have specifics, but it seems that this system will help with strengthening your characters.

Character details include a look at Blood Rose, a special forces group within the army. This group consists of four members: Einferia Venus, Meferia Venus, Altemis Venus and Fore Derose. The first three girls are sisters. Einferia, the eldest, learned from the same teacher as one of the main characters, Idea. Her little sisters listen to no one but her. The fourth character puts on the appearance of a bum walking around the streets, but he's actually leader of the Blood Rose group (I'm assuming Fore Derose is male because his voice actor is male. This may not be correct).

Given the timing of these Jump reveals, we should get a look at these new details next week.

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