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Shuhei Yoshida Discusses Cross Buy and Other Plans for Japan

Sony development head promises lots of quality PS3 titles this year and next.

Puppeteer, one of SCE Japan Studio's two Gamescom reveals.

Sony made a number of announcements at Germany's Gamecom event earlier this week. So where do all these new games and initiatives stand in the Japanese market? Famitsu.com asked Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studio Head Shuhei Yoshida that very question.

Yoshida would only confirm two of the Gamescom announcements for Japan. Rain and Puppeteer, both from SCE Japan Studio, will be released in Japan, he said. Regarding other games, Yoshida said that he has nothing to say at present, but we can expect an announcement when the right time comes.

One of the most exciting announcements from Gamescom was Cross Buy, a new initiative that includes a free copy of the PlayStation Vita version of a game when you buy the PS3 version. At present, this service is just for Europe, said Yoshida.

Yoshida also discussed strategy, particularly with regards to the European market. The most desired thing with regards to the Vita is an improved title lineup, said Yoshida. Feedback reveals that buyers are happy with the hardware, but they want more software and additional functionality. He said that Sony plans on offering such things as hardware bundles, which can offer greater value even if the price remains the same.

Famitsu also slipped in a question about the next generation PlayStation. Responded Yoshida: "Regarding this, I can't say anything. However, one thing I can say is that the PS3 is currently in an extremely good state. Quality titles will continue to appear this year and next year, so we hope that users will look forward to it.

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