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New Metal Gear Rising Demo and Trailer Planned For Tokyo Game Show


Given the proximity the two events, Kojima Productions could just recycle Metal Gear Rising's Gamescom materials for September's Tokyo Game Show. But they're not taking the easy way out.

Producer Yuji Korekado said at Twitter today that the Rising development staff is currently working on a completely new demo and completely new trailer for Tokyo Game Show. He himself is heading back to the development scene this week following his work promoting the game in Germany (although he'll be taking leave of Japan later this month for PAX).

Gamescom attendees appeared to have high interest in Rising, with Korekado reporting waits of four hours on the event's final day Friday. He received strong praise, including what he feels is the ultimate praise for an action game demo: it feels good just to get your hands on it.

Metal Gear Rising at Gamescom. Photo from Yuko Korokado's Twitter.

Tokyo Game Show will be held from September 20 through September 23. The first two days are press only.

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