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More Character Announcements For Dead or Alive 5

Some unannounced characters may await in the final release.


At Germany's Gamescom event last week, Tecmo Koei revealed that Eliot and Brad Wong would appear in Dead or Alive 5. The character announcements aren't done just yet, though. In fact, there could be more "announcements" after the game's release!

In an interview with Famitsu.com, Team Ninja's Yousuke Hayashi said that the game has as yet unannounced characters. Asked if these unannounced characters are DOA characters or Virtua Fighter characters, Hayashi said that there may be some of each.

With DOA5 due for release on September 27, it may seem that Tecmo Koei is running out of time to make announcements. It turns out that the game may end up shipping with unannounced characters. Some characters have to be unlocked through play, so Hayashi feels that it's okay to not reveal all the characters in advance.

Separate from new character discussion, Famitsu asked Hayashi to provide a general list of some of the new or evolved features for DOA5. Character modeling has been redone, he said. The girl characters in particular were made with the theme of trying to make "the cutest girls in gaming history."

Look below for DOA5's Gamescom screenshots.

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