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See How Square Enix Made its Next Gen Agni's Philosophy: FF Realtime Tech Demo

Live making-of session to be broadcast from CEDEC today.


Square Enix is holding a "making of" session for its next generation "Agni's Philosophy" tech demo at the CEDEC developers conference today. The session will be hosted by producer/director Yoshihisa Hashimoto, creative director Takeshi Nozue and lead artist Ryo Iwata and will cover such areas as concpet work, pre-rendering CG creation, real time work flow, and real time CG technology development.

For those who can't attend CEDEC in Yokohama, show organizer CESA will be doing a live broadcast of the session. View it at Nico Nico live. The session, which is fully titled "Making Of Agni's Philosophy Final Fantasy Realtime Tech Demo -- The Future of Real Time CG Imagery," runs from 14:50 to 15:50.

Agni's Philosophy is a showpiece for Square Enix's next generation Luminous Studio engine.

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