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Square Enix Planning Second Developers Event in November

Agni's Philosophy and Luminous Studio in the spotlight.


Square Enix will hold its second "Open Conference" event in November this year. The developers-only event will be held this year on November 23 and November 24.

The first Open Conference event was held on October 8 of last year and featured a look at Square Enix's new Luminous Studio. This year's event will also be Luminous focused, but there are some other items in the lineup.

Here's the full schedule:

Day One:

  • Agni's Philosophy: real time demo live commentary
  • Agni's Philosophy: project introduction and concept work
  • Agni's Philosophy: Visual Works pre-render CG asset production
  • Agni's Philosophy: realtime workflow 1

Day Two:

  • Agni's Philosophy: realtime workflow 2
  • Agni's Philosophy: realtime graphics technology
  • Management: game development project management seminar 2012
  • Final Fantasy XIV: serverside path finding system (... I think that's what it says)
  • Luminous Studio: next generation game AI architecture 2012

Agni's Philosophy is a demo that Square Enix's staff created to show off Luminous Studio. The demo was featured earlier today during a session at the CEDEC development conference.

Visit the open conference page for details on how to sign up for admission. The event is only for members of the development community.

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