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Neptune V Screenshots and Gameplay Details

The Kenbunsha System, Disc Make System, Nepstation and Combo Make.


This latest screenshot blast for Neptune V shows four systems, the Kenbunsha System, the Disc Make System, Nepstation and Combo Make.

The Kenbunsha System involves sending contractors out to dungeons to gather information and bring back items, and even other contractors. When your contractor returns from the dungeon and gives you information, you have to chose to either believe or not believe the information. Depending on your response, the items and experience you can gain from the dungeon will change.

The contractors have a "level." Send the same character out repeatedly, and he will gain experience and level.

The Disc Make System is how you make equipment. You fuse a blank disc with ability chips, creating a piece of equipment that has special abilities. The resulting disc can be a "bad game" or a "godly game" depending on how you've set up the ability chips.

Although you use "blank discs" to create the new discs, the starting discs aren't truly blank. Depending on the type of the blank disc, you'll be able to store different amounts of ability chips.

You can get new blank discs by exchanging medals that you obtain by defeating powerful monsters, and also through Nepstation. Nepstation is a program that beams out the latest news and variety programs. The channel also has a direct sales program called "Purse Crusher Nepu!," and a "review corner" where your actions will be reviewed, with high marks netting rare items.

Finally, the game's combo maker system. Neptune fans will be familiar with this system for creating custom combos. Select "combo make" from the menu, and you'll be able to set up a combo with up to four attacks.

If you manage to continually connect attacks, you'll build up an EX Drive Gauge. Once the EX Drive Gauge fills up, your combos will be followed by an EX Finish move.

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