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Hot Shots Golf 6 Announced for PS3

PS Vita Hot Shots Golf game gets ported to PS3 with Move and Cross Play support.


Sony will be releasing the PlayStation Vita version of Hot Shots Golf on PlayStation 3. Under Japanese naming, the PS3 version will go by the same name as the Vita version, Minna no Golf 6.

As detailed in this week's Famitsu, the PS3 version will support Move, and will be playable with the Vita version via cross play. Download content that was released for the Vita version will be included from the start.

The PS3 version will also add two new modes, "Slot Mode" and "Minna no Short Course." Slot Mode gives you certain advantages that you win via slots. Minna no Short Course puts you on courses that consists exclusively of short holes.

Look for Minna no Golf 6 on November 22.

Screens from the Vita version.

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