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Your Guide to the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Event

Square Enix shares and details.


We're a little less than two weeks from the opening of the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Gallery in Shibuya. Final Fantasy fans throughout the world are excited. Mog's excited too! He (she?) created a lengthy guide to the event.

The main attraction in the guide is the map. It lists all the major corners of the event floor:

Here's a guide to what you're looking at, minus all the kupos.

1. The entrance
Square Enix will be selling an official gallery pamphlet here.
2. Final Fantasy Works
This includes package illustrations, history boards, and various models for things like Midgar, the Buster Sword and the armor used for the FFXIV commercial.
3. Memories of Final Fantasy
This mini theater will have video footage of FFI through FFXIV
4. Final Fantasy Creatives
This area will have development materials, including image boards, dot pattern charts, sketches and so-forth
5. Gimmick Road
Mog says he doesn't know what this area is, but it may have a bottomless pit.
6. Yoshitaka Amano Works
You'll find 28 selected works from Amano here
7. 25th Anniversary Market
Square Enix will be selling FF goods, CDs, games, and so-forth. You can see a product lineup here (PDF).
8. Final Fantasy Brigade Capsule Toy Area
Play a capsule game for 500 yen a pop. Each capsule includes a serial code for obtaining an item in Final Fantasy Brigade (that's the social Final Fantasy game)
9. Chocobo Cafe
This area will have beverages, including original non alcoholic cocktails themed around FF. You'll also find Chocobo Manju, Dissidia Final Fantasy cookies and a Final Fantasy "Crystal Box."
10. Guest Illustrator Corner
Square Enix got help from the Gan Gan editorial staff for this.

The Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Gallery will be held from August 31 through September 2 in Shibuya Hikarie Hall. The 31st is invite only. The other two days are free, but Square Enix will let people in in 120 person blocks, ten minutes at a time. Each block will have ten minutes to enjoy a particular section. For those who plan on attending, the gallery is on the 9th floor, but reception is on the 3rd level basement.

The event will also see stage shows, most notably a Final Fantasy XIII stage on the 1st. These are for selected members of the Square Enix Members fan club only, but the stages will be live streamed for all.

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