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Kadokawa's Project Discovery For PlayStation Vita Resurfaces

Let's work together to create a visual novel!


One of the more mysterious announcements from Sony's PlayStation Vita Game Heaven "event" was Project Discovery, a PlayStation Vita title from Kadokawa Games. The project resurfaced in Famitsu this week, with a few hints at what we can expect.

Project Discovery will gather scenarios, character designs, voice, music and other areas of content from users. It will assemble all these materials into visual novels and distribute the results via PlayStation Store.

The resulting games will make use of a new PlayStation Vita visual novel engine called the "Discovery Engine." This is being developed by Sony Computer Entertainment and Kadokawa. Discovery Engine's goal is to allow for the creation of a "smart novel" which is somewhere between a game and a book.

In the future, Sony and Kadokawa hope to give users a development environment so that they can make their own visual novels, but for now Project Discovery involves users submitting their content to be professionally assembled into a final product and released through PSN.

An official site for Project Discovery will open later this month and will begin taking submissions from users. Submissions will be accepted through early December. Selected items will be announced in Spring 2013. A "pilot" episode will be released to PSN in Summer 2013.

View Project Discovery's announcement trailer here.

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