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Yakuza 5 Battle System Has Major Updates

Plus, first details on Haruka's dance battles!


Sega's weekly updates on Yakuza 5 have mostly been about story and characters (like today's look at the Tojo Clan). At long last, we have some gameplay details via Famitsu.

The magazine has details on the game's battle system. This is said to be taken to the next level, with all areas redone, including motion and enemy AI.

Battles, either fights with regular street thugs or larger fights with powerful foes, blend into the game's adventure component seamlessly. When you're walking around town, you may find yourself suddenly surrounded by enemies and forced into a battle right on the spot.

We're not totally sure about this little bit, but we're hearing that the game may have a new type of "Heat Action." A Heat Action is a cinematic, context sensitive special move that you can perform once you've built up your heat gauge. Yakuza 5 has something called a "Climax Heat," which appears to be an advanced level Heat Action.

Haruka has a battle system all her own in Yakuza 5 -- a dance battle system! This takes the form of a rhythm action game set to five genres: hip hop, house, idol, jazz and rock. As you face off against rival dancers, you'll build up a gauge. Fill this up, and you'll be able to perform Dance Heat moves (equivalent to the Heat Action moves of the regular battle system).

At the end of the dance battle, Haruka will be "judged" by spectators. If she wins, her "expression power," one reflection of an idol's ability, will rise. Building up Haruka in this fashion is essential to help her come out on top in the Princess League idol tournament.

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