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Final Fantasy V Made Nippon Ichi CEO Drop Dreams of Becoming Indiana Jones

Photo of Shinkiawa from Dengeki Online.

When Nippon Ichi CEO Sohei Shinkawa was young, he dreamed of being Indiana Jones. But something happened, and we ended up getting Prinny and Disgaea.

In an interview with Dengeki PlayStation, Shinkawa revealed what made him give up his dreams of world adventure and get into the games industry.

In college, Shinkawa studied archaeology. He was planning on traveling the world as a freelance archaeologist.

One day, he played Final Fantasy V on Super Famicom and found it to be extremely fun. He loved the job change system and the ability to combine abilities to customize your characters. He couldn't stop thinking about such things as "Who thought up this kind of system?" and "If it were me, I'd make a system like this."

That experience playing FFV was what changed his life. The next day, he decided to look for a job in the game industry. He was in his third year of college at the time.

FFV wasn't Shinkawa's first experience as a gamer. He'd been playing games since even before the release of the Famicom/NES. He continued playing games in college, sometimes changing his day-night cycle for games.

But it was Final Fantasy that made him decide to enter the games industry.

To get into the industry, Shinkawa first purchased a well-known book about getting a game industry job. He tried to get in at over 50 companies, including Nippon Ichi, which he'd heard about only through an advertisement that he'd seen for The Onitaiji!! Mezase! on PlayStation.

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