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Xbox Summer Festival Stage Events to be Broadcast Live

Stages for Cave, Resident Evil, Halo, Fable and more!


Microsoft will be live streaming most of the stage events from this weekend's Xbox 360 Great Appreciation Festival event. The event will be held today (8/24) and Saturday in Tokyo.

Here's the schedule of stages

8/24 16:00: Cave Stage
Featuring Makoto Asada and various voice actors
8/24 17:00: Halo 4 Stage
Featuring Chris Munson
8/24 18:00: Resident Evil 6 Stage
Featuring producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi (not live streamed)
8/25 13:00: Halo 4 Stage
Featuring Chris Munson
8/25 14:00: Fable the Journey Stage
Featuring Lionhead Studios lead artist and Microsoft product manager.
8/25 15:00: Halo 4 Panel Discussion
Featuring Halo Legends creative supervisor and Halo novel series translator
8/25 16:00: Borderlands 2 Stage
Featuring live commentary from Edo-san and Fumiichi, and various talents
8/25 17:00: Forza Horizon Stage
Featuring Microsoft product manager
8/25 18:00: Dance Central 3 Stage
FEaturing the Nico Nico Video "Odorite" team

You can watch the live streams at Nico Nico:

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