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The World Ends With You Set for iOS

Square Enix accidentally reveals its surprise TWEWY announcement in advance.

The countdown continues...

Square Enix's big The World Ends With You surprise appears to have been spoiled... by Square Enix itself!

The company's e-Shop has a listing for a new The World Ends With You soundtrack. The listing mentions that a version of The World Ends With You is due for release on iOS this year.

You can see the soundtrack listing here. The text mentioning the iOS version of the game has been removed.

The original text mentioned that the iOS version of the game will have new music.

The soundtrack in question is titled Subarashiki Kono Sekai Crossover (using the Japanese name of TWEWY, Subarashiki Kono Sekai). Set for release on October 1 at ¥1,890, the soundtrack includes the new iOS version songs, the TWEWY arrangements from Kingdom Hearts 3D, and new arrangements prepared just for the soundtrack.

Square Enix's TWEWY countdown is scheduled to reach zero this weekend, so we should get official announcement soon. It's possible that there will be more to the announcement than just the iOS version, so TWEWY fans will want to keep an eye on the teaser site.

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