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Senran Kagura Butt Mouse Pad -- You Select the Butt!


"Senran Kagura isn't just about explosive breasts. The butts are also amazing!" That's Marvelous AQL's catch copy for this latest Senran Kagura Burst promotion.

We've all seen "breast" mouse pads -- a mouse pad designed in the image of a character, with a particular area of the character (I won't say what area!) serving as a hand rest. For Senran Kagura Burst, Marvelous AQL is focusing on that other protruding part of the erotic ninja anatomy, the "oshiri." That's Japanese for butt.

Visitors to DS Game Cafes throughout Japan from August 30 through October 1 will be able to vote on the Senran Kagura character they most want to see converted to an oshiri mouse pad. The character that gets the most votes will undergo the conversion, with an original drawing from character designer Nan Yaegashi.

This mouse pad will be given to 100 lucky erotic ninja action fans.

If novelty mouse pads don't interest you, we have some new screens of Senran Kagura Burst. View them in the gallery.

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