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Experience Resident Evil's Raccoon City at Universal Studios Japan


Capcom is teaming up with Universal Studios Japan for a Resident Evil themed Halloween event.

Universal's annual Halloween Horror Night will have a Resident Evil theme this year. On weekends and holidays (and Halloween) from September 14 through November 11, the theme park's Gramercy Park area will be transformed into Raccoon City, complete with zombies and other creatures. Visitors will get to experience what it's like to be a resident of Raccoon City when the t-Virus spreads.

The park's Terminator 2:3-D attraction will be turned into an attraction called Umbrella Corporation: t-Virus Escape. Visitors will need to follow designed paths to escape from the facility.

Universal will also sell special Resident Evil-themed food items, including Brain t-Virus and herb drinks.

Visit the Universal Studios site for a schedule and additional details.

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