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PS Vita Atelier Totori Revealed in This Week's Dengeki PlayStation

Gust porting PS3 title with enhancements.


Rumors of a PlayStation Vita version of Atelier Totori first surfaced a couple of weeks back through overseas retail listings. It looks like those rumors were true! This week's Dengeki PlayStation has a first look at the game, which goes by the name Atelier Totori Plus.

What makes up the "Plus?" We're hearing that the game will have new outfits, new illustrations, new illustrations, and other new elements.

Dengeki lists Atelier Totori Plus with a November 29 release date, priced ¥6,090. A limited edition "Premium Box," priced ¥8,190, includes a Vita skin and a paper weight.

Atelier Totori is the second in the "Arland" series of PlayStation 3 Atelier games. It followed Atelier Rorona and preceded Atelier Meruru.

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