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Lightning Saga is not the Name of the New Final Fantasy XIII Game

But you already knew that, didn't you.


Yoshinori Kitase got back on the "Lightning Room" Twitter today with a quick non hint about the announcement that we can expect from the September 1 25th anniversary event stage.

Square Enix has been using the phrase "Lightning Saga" in connection with the new announcement. Most assumed that the term Lightning Saga was just used to refer to the story of Lightning that started in Final Fantasy XIII. This is the case, Kitase confirmed. They used the phrase Lightning Saga to convey the content of the stage event to fans. Lightning Saga is not the name of whatever it is that will be announced at the event.

Kitase also confirmed something he and Motomu Toriyama have said in past interviews: we'll get the actual title of the new item at the event.

For English speakers, Kitase seems to be trying his best to provide English Tweets. He admits that he not all that good at English, so he relied on Google to provide this: "Hi! This account has been prepared for presentation to the new deployment will be announced on 9/1. I'll mutter various things. by kitase"

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