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Marvelous AQL's Takaki-P Wants to Make Senran Kagura 2 on 3DS

3DS will not be outdone for erotic ninja action!

Will the swords be as big?

Senran Kagura is for the 3DS. Its followup Senran Kagura Burst is for the 3DS. So what about the followup to Burst? Will Marvelous AQL do the platform switch and make it, say, an Xbox 360 package release?

Not likely! In an interview with this month's Nintendo Dream, Marvelous AQL massive breast producer Kenichiro Takaki said that if Burst sells and players enjoy themselves, he would like to make Senran Kagura 2 for the 3DS.

A full sequel, he said, would feature completely refreshed gameplay for even more stimulating hyper battle play.

Burst players will find somewhat of a hint about the future of the franchise. Nintendo Dream reports that Burst has some sort of bonus in place for future installments. This, of course, implies that future installments will be coming to the 3DS.

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