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The World Ends With You Director: A Variety of Other Things In the Works

Tatsuya Kando hints at more TWEWY productions.


Square Enix brought The World Ends With You back into the spotlight last week with the release of Solo Remix, an updated iOS port of the classic DS title. But the company's plans for the series do not appear to end there.

In Famitsu this week, TWEWY director Tatsuya Kando fielded a few questions to commemorate the iOS version's release. As a closing message, he said, "For those who were waiting for new developments for TWEWY, sorry to have kept you waiting. Solo Remix is a game with such a high level of completion that you won't feel that it's a port. If you play it and post Tweets to Twitter, the world will expand even further. We're working on a variety of other things, but first please enjoy Solo Remix."

Screens from Solo Remix.

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