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Tokitowa Has Relationship Elements

Change the story based off your relationship with Toki and her alter ego Towa.


In Imageepoch's animation-heavy PlayStation 3 RPG Tokitowa, you'll be able to build up you're relationship with heroine Toki and/or her alter ego Towa. Your changing relationship could lead to changes in such areas as the game's story.

Want more details? Famitsu says to wait for a followup report.

(We used "and/or" in the above because based off Famitsu's writeup, we're no sure if you can build up different relationship levels with Toki and Towa, or if they're treated as the same character.)

The magazine also explains what this darn image from a couple of weeks back has to do with the game:

Imageepoch previously detailed the game's Memory Place system. Toki or Towa have special ties to certain areas of the game world. Visit these areas, and you'll trigger a special event. These events will show various expressions. Some of the events -- apparently like the above -- will be pleasing to the male eye.

Encountering a Memory Place.

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