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From the PC version of Realm Reborn.

We'll get details on the PlayStation 3 version of Final Fantasy XIV around the time of Tokyo Game Show, Famitsu reveals this week as part of an interview with the game's development staff.

This appears to suggest that Square Enix won't be sharing PlayStation 3 version details during FFXIV's stage event at the weekend's Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Event. Tokyo Game Show will be held this year from 9/20 to 9/23.

Famitsu also reveals some of the user interface changes players can expect on PS3. Different from the PC version, the PS3 will not show all those horizontally lined-up icons. Additionally, the designers' are attempting to fit all main commands into eight items.

Targeting is also being evolved for the PS3 version (this may be for the PC version as well). You'll be able to select from within the targeting circle.

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