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Nintendo Direct 08.29.2012 Live Blog

The latest Wii and 3DS news -- but no Wii U news!!! -- straight from CEO Satoru Iwata.


Following a couple of mini broadcasts for Oni Training and Dragon Quest X, Nintendo Direct is returning to full form for its latest installment. At 20:00 JST today, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata will will relay the latest news on 3DS and Wii via pre-recorded video.

As always, you can watch the broadcast "live" for yourself. Visit the Nintendo Direct official site for links to Nico Nico and Ustream. We'll be live blogging the proceedings here.

Live Blog Transcript Follows

20:47: The main presentation comes to an end! Keep watching for some additional videos.

Also visit the Nintendo Direct website later for additional videos. And check your 3DS for new demos and video clips!

20:45: Before closing off, Iwata shares a silhouette for a new Monster Hunter 4 weapon. Capcom will share details soon.

20:43: ... Friend Collection!!!???

... views lengthy trailer...

Yes, it is Friend Collection!

The 3DS version is still running under the temporary name Tomodachi Collection.

A release for Friend Collection 3DS is planned for Spring 2013.

20:42: One more thing before the end...

20:42: There will be some demos and videos released following the broadcast.

20:38: Next, a new game from Pokemon developer Game Freaks: Rhythm Hunter Harmo Knight!

This is a combination rhythm and action game. You have just jump and attack as you run through the stage, but based off your timing, you can make good harmony.

An Iwata Asks for this will be released today.

Release set for September 5, priced ¥1,800.

20:36: Iwata moves on to downloadable 3DS games.

First, Denpa Ningen no RPG 2, a followup to the first Denpa Ningen no RPG from Genius Sonority.

Release date set for September 26, price ¥1,000. They will have a pre-release demo, with data import to the final version. They will have an Iwata Asks video presentation for the game following today's Nintendo Direct.

20:35: Next, upcoming 3DS titles, presented in calendar form. This is just a recap so I'm not going to list all the games.

20:33: Next, the 3DS Paper Mario game.

The final title for the 3DS Paper Mario game is Paper Mario Super Seal. Release planned for the end of this year.

20:31: Next, Animal Crossing.

Release date for Tobidase Animal Crossing set for November 8, price ¥4,800.

More details will come through a special Nintendo Direct broadcast just for the game closer to the release date.

20:30: Pink White 3DS LL due on 9/27, opposite Wagamama Fashion Girls!

20:29: Since I'm not gong to write one word about that darn fashion game, let me clarify something about the Layton game. This latest 3DS Layton game is Hershel Layton's final adventure -- not necessary the last Layton game.

20:28: Next, the new Wagamama Fashion Girls game.

20:25: It's time for Nintendo's first party releases for September and Beyond.

First, Shin Egokoro Kyoushitsu. This will be released in package and download form.

Nintendo had some manga artist sample the game for a demonstration. The full video will be shown after the broadcast.

Iwata notes that you can now save to SD, so you'll have more space for your save files. Your images are saved as JPEGs, so you can transfer them easily.

Release date: 9/13.

20:22: Next, a presentation from Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino!

Hino announces Professor Layton Choubunmei to A no Isan, a new Professor Layton game for 3DS!

Professor Layton Choubunmei to A no Isan.

Hino shares a first look, and makes the usual promise of all new puzzles.

This will be the final adventure for Layton!

Release set for 2013.

20:21: Next, Naruto SD Powerful Shippuuden.

Release date: Winter.

20:19: Next, EX Troopers!

Release date: 11/22. They also showed a sweet gameplay-filled trailer.

20:17: Next, from Level-5!

Ahh... it's just a trailer for the Inazuma Eleven compilation that was announced some time back.

New features include an Inazuma Eleven Museum mode which lets you view all the openings and endings.

There's also Inazuma Eleven Gallery, which connects to Inazuma Eleven Go 2 somehow.

Release set for November 15.

20:16: Next, AKB48+Me.

I will not write about this game.

20:13: Next, Project X Zone!

Release set for October 11.

20:11: Next, Bravely Default Flying Fairy.

Over 20 jobs and 300 abilities for customizing your character.

Iwata also mentions the ablink wireless system that we detailed previously.

He then goes into details about the Brave and Default battle system.

Where's my special Bravely Default 3DS system, Iwata!!!???

A final demo will be released shortly. This has data that can be imported to the final build.

Release for the final Bravely Default set for October 11.

A new video will air after today's broadcast.

20:09: First, Medalot 7.

Iwata describes the battle system and Medalot customization system. There are over 700 parts, allowing for lots and lots of possible variations.

Release set for September 13.

20:09: Next, time for third party titles for release in September and beyond.

20:07: Dragon Quest X!

Iwata details the free 3DS helper app that's currently available.

He also mentions a new sub story quest that will be released tomorrow.

20:06: Time for New Super Mario Bros. 2!

Over 57 billion coins worldwide!

Nintendo prepared some videos showing techniques for getting coins in Coin Rush mode. Download them after the Nintendo Direct broadcast.

20:04: Next, some Kirby 20th anniversary goods.

A Kirby cushion, a Kirby Wii disc case, round trumps and more!

Kirby Pinball will be released today on Virtual Console at 3400 yen.

20:01: Next, some info on Culcobit -- McDonald's Cup!

This ranking tournament uses the Mac de DS facilities at McDonalds throughout Japan. It's a McDonalds limited ranking.

They will be distributing special teams from the Nintendo development staff.

20:00: Iwata begins with details on the previously announced Culdcept tournament. They will have a special 3DS LL system for the winner. Details will be shared today at the official site. They will also have a special download card later today.

20:00: It's started!

Today, Iwata is not in the Nintendo office this time!

19:55: While you wait for the event to start, view these resources:

19:55: The main presentation will run from 20:00 to 20:47. Special videos will air from 20:47 to 21:18.

19:54: The presentation is about to start! View the Ustream here!!!

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