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Where Are Our New Super Mario Bros. 2 Coin Rush Mode Download Courses?

Nintendo's CEO responds!


Did all that expert New Super Mario Bros. 2 Coin Rush mode play Nintendo showed during today's Nintendo Direct broadcast make you long for more courses? Nintendo did previously promise downloadable Coin Rush courses for the game, but has yet to share details. So when can we expect more content?

Following the Nintendo Direct broadcast, CEO Satoru Iwata addressed the issue at Nintendo's official Twitter. He asked for a bit more time, as the game's North American and European release was just ten days back. An announcement about download courses will be made simultaneously throughout the world.

Separate from the Coin Rush courses, Iwata also Tweeted about download versions of Nintendo's upcoming games. He once again restated Nintendo's policy of releasing download versions for all its package 3DS games. This includes Art Academy, which Nintendo clearly stated during the Nintendo Direct broadcast. It also includes Animal Crossing, which was not mentioned during the broadcast.

Iwata added that he feels it would be nice to have these two particular titles saved on your system.

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