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Social Metal Gear Announced for GREE

GREE CEO appears at Metal Gear anniversary event to announce major social gaming release.


Metal Gear will be going social on the GREE platform. At today's Metal Gear 25th Anniversary event, following the announcement of a Metal Gear Hollywood film adaptation, Konami announced the first social entry in the series, Metal Gear Social Ops.

GREE CEO Yoshikazu Tanaka appeared at the event to announce the game himself. In addition to confirming a worldwide release between Fall and Winter of this year, Tanaka shared a first trailer, which will hopefully be released to the masses later today.

Social Ops will let players relive the stories from past entries in the series. You'll form a battalion with cards to engage in battle. The game will also have Mother Base development aspects, similar to Peace Walker.

Kojima Productions is handling planning on the game. GREE is developing it internally using the Unity Engine.

A playable build will be available at Tokyo Game Show.

Visit Famitsu.com and 4Gamer for pics from the presentation.

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