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Metal Gear Ground Zeroes Shown at Anniversary Event

Konami shows off the power of Fox Engine.

Stock Metal Gear image. Unrelated to the new game.

Following a film conversion, a social conversion, and lots of anniversary goods, Konami brought out the big guns at the end of its Metal Gear 25th anniversary event.

Attendees are reporting the next Metal Gear game was announced as Metal Gear Ground Zeroes. Based off the brief reports we're hearing, the Fox Engine-based game may be an open world title.

Konami is being a bit shy with letting information slip out about the new Metal Gear game, but we'll hopefully get an official announcement later today.

(Note: the Tweet I linked to appears to have been deleted. The little Twitter tool I was working on managed to grab the text, though. You can see it and some of the other Tweets from the event at the event topic page.)

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