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Level-5 May Have Two Unannounced Games For Tokyo Game Show

Playable Layton vs Ace Attorney and more!


Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney leads the way at this year's Level-5 Tokyo Game Show booth. The long awaited 3DS crossover will be playable in the Level-5 booth alongside Fantasy Life (3DS), Professor Layton and the Legacy of Advanced Civilization A (3DS), Layton Brothers Mystery Room (iOS), Little Battler eXperience W (PSP/PS Vita) and Inazuma Eleven Go 2 (3DS). Inazuma Eleven 1,2,3 (3DS) and Inazuma Eleven Atsumeyoze!! (Mobile) will be video-only.

The company's Tokyo Game Show portal shows to "coming soon" slots. New titles perhaps?

Level-5 will also give out its usual "Premium DVD" gift to those who visit the booth and try out a game. Other bonuses include a Fantasy Life original clear file. There's no mention of a demo this year.

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