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CESA Shares Preliminary Tokyo Game Show Stats

More games and exhibitors this year.


Tokyo Game Show 2012 currently has 207 companies set to exhibit, a figure that exceeds last year 193. At present, the show is scheduled to have over 712 games. In the end, CESA expects the game count to top last year's 736.

These stats come from CESA's progress report update on the show today. Every year, the organizer releases two such progress reports, one a few weeks before the show, and a final one just ahead of the show's start. Today's report is current as of August 30.

Smartphone and Tablets currently lead the way in game counts, with respectively 93 and 41 titles. On consoles, PlayStation 3 has the most support, followed by 3DS, and Xbox 360.

Here's the current console share chart. When viewing this chart, keep in mind that most companies have not yet announced their lineup, so these figures have no relation to the final tallies.

  • Nintendo DS: 0
  • Nintendo 3DS: 13
  • Wii: 0
  • Wii U: 0
  • PlayStation 3: 17
  • PlayStation Portable: 5
  • PlayStation Vita: 6
  • Xbox 360: 10
  • Other: 8

Simulation and action are the most popular game categories at present. Following these two are RPGs, card games, sports, simulation RPG, shooting, adventure, puzzle and racing.

You'll find more complete stats at the TGS official site.

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