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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII First Artwork

Square Enix announces the new Lightning-focused Final Fantasy XIII game.


Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII was the big surprise announcement Square Enix had been teasing for today's Final Fantasy XIII stage at the Final Fantasy Gallery event.

We shared details in our live blog from the stage event. Now here's some artwork, which Square Enix Europe shared with the world.

During the stage event, key staff shared details on the game, highlighting such areas as time and character customization.

Lightning Returns places an emphasis on "time." The game has a real time system, with day turning to night and people and facilities around town changing accordingly. You'll have to clear the game within 13 days time, although this can be extended as you defeat enemies.

Character customization will be more robust. Lightning will have a large number of costumes, available from the start.

In a press release issued following the stage, Square Enix said that Lighthing Returns will be the final chapter in the Lightning series. It will offer a more active and free style of play.

A trailer and play demonstration was also shown at the event, but just for attendees (meaning it was not broadcast through the stage's live stream). According to an attendee, the build shown at the event was an alpha version, even using development staff in place of professional voice actors. The demonstration showed Lighthing facing off against a Behemoth, apparently changing her fighting style during combat.

Lightning Returns will get a Facebook page at facebook.com/LightningReturnsFFXIII shortly. Access the official site here.

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