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No Final Fantasy Versus at Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix Producer Reportedly Confirms

But will there be a secret trailer?


We may have to go another Tokyo Game Show without Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Shar, a member of the Square Enix Members fan club, says that he spoke with Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto about Versus at today's Final Fantasy Gallery event. Wrote Shar at Twitter, "I spoke about a number of things with Mr. Hashimoto today. It looks like Versus won't be at Tokyo Game Show. They're first putting all their effort info FFXIV and the Lightning Saga finale."

Shar later added, "He said that we're developing it, so please look forward to next year."

There's always the hope for a secret trailer, of course, but assuming Shar did actually get this from Hashimoto, don't expect to see a column for Versus XIII in Square Enix's official exhibition list.

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