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Final Fantasy VII Anniversary Stage Mini Report

I didn't watch it, but I sure am going to write about it!


It wasn't too long ago that we celebrated Final Fantasy VII's 10th anniversary. And here we are just five years later, celebrating its 15th anniversary!

Square Enix commemorated the feat of five years passing since a game's tenth anniversary via an anniversary stage at the Final Fantasy Gallery. The stage featured discussions from the various voice actors.

As far as I know, Square Enix did not take this opportunity to announce the Final Fantasy VII remake they're rumored to be making on Kojima Productions' Fox Engine (note: I just made this rumor up).

Tetsuya Nomura was on hand for the event. Based off the summaries I'm reading (I did not watch the stage myself because I'm allergic to voice actors) Nomura did not actually emerge from the green room. But he, along with some of the other FFVII staff, signed a copy of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, which was given to one lucky attendee.

Among the swag all the attendees walked away with: a Shinra towel and a Turks strap.

The next Final Fantasy Gallery stage is at 2:30 and will cover the future of the Final Fantasy series.

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