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Monster Hunter Frontier G Announced

G class weapons and more starting April 2013.


Capcom announced today the next major update to the Monster Hunter Frontier series. Titled Monster Hunter Frontier G, the update to the PC and Xbox 360 online Monster Hunter game will be available on April 17, 2013.

New features include:

  • 10 new monsters
  • 21 current monsters become G class
  • 3 new fileds
  • Over 150 G class weapons
  • Over 150 G class armor sets
  • Over 30 new skills
  • 4 new elementals
  • New actions for 11 weapon types

G itself is a new naming convention for the series, which has been using the names "Forward .2," "Forward .3" and so-forth for its current periodic major updates. Fall of 2013 will see Monster Hunter Frontier G2. Spring of 2014 will see Monster Hunter G3, which is scheduled to add new weapon types. Before the start of the G updates, Capcom will release Forward .5 this Fall.

G's announcement came at the Monster Hunter Frontier Appreciation Festival, which was held today in Tokyo to commemorate five years of Frontier service. Visit Famitsu.com and 4Gamer for pics from the event, and the G official site here.

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