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Possible Hints at a Namco Bandai Wii U Tokyo Game Show Announcement

Could one of Namco Bandai's secret TGS titles be for NIntendo's new console?


Namco Bandai's impressive Tokyo Game Show game list does not show any Wii U support. But it looks like the company has prepared for the possibility of showing something for Wii U.

The Namco Bandai TGS portal lists games along side an icon for the target platform. Wii games have this icon:


Someone tried to add a u to the file name, and surprise surprise a Wii U graphic appeared:


Is this a hint that one of the "coming soon" slots in the title list will be a Wii U game? Or perhaps someone in Namco Bandai's design team just copied a bunch of common use logos into the new TGS portal folder.

We'll likely find out over the coming weeks!

As usual, Nintendo will not attend Tokyo Game Show. However, third parties will be showing some Wii U product. Square Enix has already promised Wii U Dragon Quest X details.

Namco Bandai's current Wii U lineup includes Tank! Tank! Tank! and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. These don't appear in the Namco Bandai title list at present.

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