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Tales of Xillia 2: Second Other Forms and Character Episodes

Latest Xillia 2 details from Famitsu.


We previously described Tales of Xillia 2 hero Ludger's "Gaikara" form. This alternate form allows Ludger to enter a different dimension. While it's a central part of the story, it also fits into gameplay, as you can transform into the other form by pressing L3 and R3.

As one might expect, Ludger isn't limited to just one of these other forms. Famitsu's latest Xillia 2 preview reveals that as you advance through the story you'll unlock a second level Gaikara form for Ludger. This is more powerful than the first form, and even looks different.

Famitsu also details the basic Xillia 2 game flow. The game's story is split into chapters. Between chapters, you're free to do whatever you want. You can take on quests, or you can progress through "character episodes."

Character episodes are stories for your party members. When you arrive in town, your party will disband. If you see one of your party members with a red exclamation mark icon, this means you can start a character episode by speaking to the character. By working through these character episodes, you'll be able to obtain special items (costumes, etc.) and view special bonus event scenes.

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