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New Monster Hunter 4 Weapon: Hunting Insect

Plus, step actions, team Felyne moves, and an important new monster!


Famitsu has a first look this week at a new Monster Hunter 4 weapon. MH4 adds a weapon called "Controllable Insect." This weapon involves commanding a "hunting insect" to get power ups from other monsters.

To use this new hunting companion, you mark a target monster. Release the insect, and it will head out to the monster and suck up its energy. Call the insect back, and you'll be able to use its bounty to strengthen your character.

The "energy" the insect sucks up is called "EX" (or possibly EXE). The property it strengthens is indicated by its color. White increases your speed. Red increases your attack strength. Green increases your vitality. Orange increases your defensive strength.

The hunting insects are capable of jumping, so they may be able to reach areas that aren't accessible by you.

Famitsu also details three other new areas of the game.

Goa Magara
A new monster that is a major part of the story. Details are promised for a future update.
Step Actions
When you find height differences in the land, you can run through these to make your character jump. While in mid air, you can perform attacks.
Your two partner Felynes can team up for a group attack.

[via Tales Source]

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