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Ace Attorney 5 Confirmed for 3DS; Layton VS Ace Attorney Possibly Due in November


Update 8:44: We have a more detailed reports on Ace Attorney 5 here.

This week's Famitsu is a must for Ace Attorney fans. The magazine has looks at two Ace Attorney games: Ace Attorney 5 and Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney.

For Ace Attorney 5, the magazine confirms the sequel's platform as 3DS and reveals that Phoenix Wright is the main character. Wright has a new partner, a mysterious girl in yellow clothing. This girl will be a central figure in the game.

Layton vs Ace Attorney got a major ad on the magazine's back cover. The ad itself is a puzzle showing the characters "6211." Tales Source, a site that gets the magazine in advance, says that there are some clues which suggest that this number is meant to be read flipped around, showing 1129, or perhaps a November 29 release date.

Officially, Famitsu lists Ace Attorney 5 as date TBA and Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney with a 2012 time frame.

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