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Ace Attorney 5 Demo Set For Tokyo Game Show

Sequel takes place one year after part 4. Shu Takumi may not be involved.


Tokyo Game Show attendees will get an early chance at playing Ace Attorney 5, as Famitsu reveals this week that the game will be playable at the event later this month. Capcom has prepared a fifteen minute demo, and will even reward those who line up with a special strap as a gift.

As we reported earlier, Famitsu confirms Ace Attorney 5 as a 3DS title featuring Phoenix Wright as the main character. The magazine also introduces a mysterious girl who wears yellow. She's a key person in the game, and will be properly introduced at Tokyo Game Show.

Ace Attorney 5 is set one year after the events of Ace Attorney 4 and sees Phoenix Wright return to being a lawyer. The game's first chapter involves an explosion at the courthouse. The charged is a high school girl named Shinobu. She's very week and can go into spasms at any moment. In the courtroom, Wright will face off against Winston Payne's brother.

Famitsu has just three screenshots, but they hint at some new gameplay systems. Like Layton vs Ace Attorney, the game will have fully 3D characters. It appears that you'll be able to select to give certain facial expressions during testimony, as there are facial expression icons on the lower screen.

Based off the reports we're reading from people who get Famitsu in advance, Shu Takumi is not fully involved with Ace Attorney 5, as he's busy on Layton vs Ace Attorney. The magazine lists Motohide Eshiro as producer, Takeshi Yamazaki as scenario director, and Noriyuki Iwadare on music.

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