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Capcom Planning Dead Rising, Capcom All-Stars And More for GREE


Capcom is teaming up with GREE to release six social games this year.

The first game from this partnership will be Minna to Houkago Soul Hunters, or "With Everyone: After School Soul Hunters" Players build up their character into a Soul Hunter, who protects the city and school from evil. You'll collect and combine Soul Hunter cards, and team up with friends. After School Soul Hunters is due for release on October 10.

Other games currently in the works include Dead Rising The Survival, Resident Evil VS, Monster Hunter Massive Hunting, With Everyone: Great Ocean Frontier, and With Everyone: Capcom All Stars.

Resident Evil and Monster Hunter were shown at E3 earlier this year. They will be joined by Dead Rising as global releases. The other three games are currently Japan-only.

Look below for artwork from Famitsu.com

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