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Bravely Default: Rebuild Your Town Through Street Pass

Plus, bring the demo to TGS to Street Pass with the developers.


The latest issue of Jump reveals a new wireless feature for Square Enix's original 3DS RPG Bravely Default Flying Fairy. Via Street Pass or internet transfers, the resident count of Norende Village, which has been destroyed, will increase. The rising population will lead to the town's gradual recovery.

The magazine also introduces a new character of sorts. Playing a key role in the game are "Crystal Spirits." These spirits will accompany Anies on the quest to free the crystals.

Bravely Default will not be playable at Tokyo Game Show, but a new demo will be released soon. This is the demo we detailed before, the one that allows for data to be carried over into the retail build. Jump suggests that you make sure you have the demo on your 3DS when you attend TGS, as you'll be able to do Street Pass exchanges with the development staff.

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