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Yakuza 5: Tatsuo Shinada's Battle Style

He won't use a bat to beat up on people. Bat-shaped objects, however, are a different matter!


Yakuza 5's all new hero Tatsuo Shinada was a former professional baseball player. While most of his artwork shows him carrying a bat, he actually prefers to fight with his hands, making use of his power and split second decision making to his advantage.

Here are some shots of Shinada engaged in combat in Yakuza 5:

Shinada can, like all the other characters, use items in battle. However, he will not use a bat. The baseball player in him believes that it is wrong to use a bat to hit a person.

In this screen, Shinada looks like he's swinging a bat, but it's actually just a bow-shaped weapon.

Last week, we detailed Yakuza 5's Zetsugi system, but we didn't have any screens of Shinada's Zetsugi moves. Here's one: Meteor Tackle.

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