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Wii U Dragon Quest X Demonstration Stage to be Held at Tokyo Game Show

Our first look at the HD version of DQX.


Square Enix said last week that we'd be getting first details on the Wii U version of Dragon Quest X at Tokyo Game Show. Now it looks like we'll be getting a first look as well!

The name of the stage is "Dragon Quest X Wii U Demonstration Stage," Square Enix announced today. The stage will be hosted by DQX producer Yousuke Saito.

The official description of the stage reads that we will at long last be getting information about the Wii U version. The name "demonstration" suggests that we'll also be getting a live demonstration of the game, although the description doesn't specifically state this.

Don't expect DQX to make a surprise playable appearance on the show floor. The game will not be playable, Square Enix explicitly stated in its press release announcing the stage events today.

Dragon Quest X will also be featured in a "developers special talk" where Saito and director Jin Fujisawa will detail the game's big October update.

Series creator Yuji Horii will take part in a live recording of the Square Enix Chan! web radio program. He and Saito will answer questions about DQX.

Other Dragon Quest related events include a Dragon Quest X photo contest and a Dragon Quest Monsters Terry's Wonderland 3D tournament.

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