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GREE CEO to Give Tokyo Game Show Keynote

Yoshikazu Tanaka to be joined by CESA chairman Shin Unozawa.

Tanaka at last year's show.

Tokyo Game Show has opened with some memorable keynotes in the past, with industry figures like Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata and then Sony Computer Entertainment CEOs Ken Kutaragi and Kaz Hirai taking to the podium, in some cases with major reveals (like the first showing of the Wiimote).

This year, the keynote honors go to Yoshikazu Tanaka, CEO of social gaming giant GREE. Tanaka will give a speech titled "The Evolution of Social Gaming Brought on by Smart Devices."

Tanaka also gave a keynote about social games last year. That keynote was the third in a series of keynotes that started with CESA chairman Yoichi Wada (also CEO of Square Enix) and a look at PlayStation Vita.

The keynote program this year includes just two speeches. Tanaka's speech will be preceded by a speech from the CESA chairman, a position now held by Namco Bandai VP Shin Unozawa.

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