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Capcom Teasing Surprising Monster Hunter 4 Info at Tokyo Game Show

Face off against one of three beasts, and get some sweet swag in return.


Gamers will get first hands on play time with Monster Hunter 4 at this year's Tokyo Game Show. But that's not all. Capcom is also teasing that some "surprising information" will be announced about the game.

The tease is for the game's stage event which will feature an introduction to the game's new systems and actions from the development staff. Visit Capcom's TGS page for a stage schedule.

Before anyone starts anticipating a PlayStation Vita port announcement, the announcement is not going to be that, so stop anticipating it.

The game's Tokyo Game Show demo will include battles against three monsters, along with play over the new ruins field. Players will also get to try out the new "Controllable Insect Bow" weapon.

Those who brave what will likely be lengthy lines will get this bag:

The bag includes a booklet and some other sort of novelty item.

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