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Nintendo and Squenix Lead August Software Sales

New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Dragon Quest X push both publishers to the top.


Nintendo and Square Enix were at the top of Enterbrain's monthly software revenue chart for August.

Nintendo took 28.5% of all software revenues for the month thanks in large part to New Super Mario Bros. 2, which sold 584,000 units sold over the month. The 3DS Mario sequel was released over the July period.

Square Enix took 26.0% thanks to Dragon Quest X's 557,000 units, which was released over the month.

Here's the top 10 covering July 30 through August 26, as reported today at Famitsu.com.

  • 01. Nintendo: 28.5%
  • 02. Square Enix: 26.0%
  • 03. Namco Bandai: 14.8%
  • 04. Pokemon: 5.3%
  • 05. Konami: 3.2%
  • 06. Capcom
  • 07. Atlus
  • 08. Spike Chunsoft
  • 09. Nihon Columbia
  • 10. Ubisoft

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