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Final Bravely Default Flying Fairy Demo Hits on Wednesday

All the demos in one, plus more!


The final installment in a five part demo series for Bravely Default Flying Fairy will be available on Wednesday. 3DS owners can download a new sampler of Square Enix's original RPG through the e-Shop.

This demo includes all the elements from previous demos, but also adds Friend Summons, Abilink and the Noruwend Village Recovery system. These features were detailed here over the past few weeks.

As part of the Noruwend Village Recovery system, you'll be able to collect friends via Street Pass. These friends will appear as newcomer residents for the growing village. You'll be able to carry up to 20 of these friends over to the final retail build.

With the release of this fifth demo, all previous demos will be pulled from the e-Shop.

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